Welcome to OutsideIn Entertainment’s Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy was last updated on February 12, 2022.

By downloading, playing or using one of our products/services, you agree to the collection and use of your Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
We ask that you read this privacy policy carefully, it contains details of who we are, how and why we collect, store and use your data.

Who we are:

We are OutsideIn Entertainment, we are a video game Publisher based in the USA. We work closely with our development partners to provide excellent products.
Data Collection and Use:
We collect information from a third party supplier and act as the data controller regarding your information. We take care of how your Information is processed and used.

When you use our online services we store:

• Username: this is used in-game for other players to identify you, this is displayed in the “Killfeed”, when leaving/ joining a game, leaderboards and scoreboards.
• PlayStation ID / Oculus ID: this is used to keep track of your statistics and purchases in game. This ensures that should you change consoles (Within the same platform) your data is transferred.

This Information is stored on a server in the United States. OutsideIn Entertainment takes reasonable precautions to ensure the safeguarding of data stored.
Information will be passed through the relevant game server in order for us to provide our services and allow you to use our services which allow you to connect with other players around the world.

Changes to this policy:

Any changes to the privacy policy will be updated on our website at
We advise you to check frequently for any updates.

Data Removal

To request the deletion of any user data associated with
your platform account name and ID, please email us at
with the subject line “User Data Deletion”.