UPDATE 1.3.0

Both platforms:
• Crossplatform support
• Networked bullet impact sounds, played if close to it.
• Missing duck on Town Map added back
• Fixed vignette not being enabled again after down state in zombies
• Fixed empty button sprite in one of the messages when loading the game
• Fixed an error that sometimes caused to not display your avatar on party menu
• Fixed an issue that was breaking loadouts when joining an ongoing game directly
• Fixed grenade arc persisting when game ends while holding a grenade
• New Retreat and Dojo music
• Fixed inability to bleedout or revive yourself if a player dies while reviving you in Zombies
• Fixed an issue preventing barricades to be unlocked on Zombies Sanatorium
• Fixed no vignettes on Zombies after reviving
• Fixed ability to crouch past a blockade in Sanatorium
• Fixed orange sewers background on Town
• Fixed tilted view on Dojo
• Fixed some light artifacts on Dojo
• Search And Destroy: Cycle through spectator cameras on SND if settings are open disabled
• Fixed dogs (killstreak) not bleeding when shot sometimes

PS4 Only
• Fixed wrong button mapping on dual wield left handed with PlayStation®️Move motion controller
• Fixed a reload animation issue with Choco when using PlayStation®️Move motion controller

UPDATE 1.2.9

Both platforms:
• Added Molotov and Sticky grenades
• All killstreaks (except bazooka) and grenades can kill someone even when the owner is dead
• Added Sanatorium map exclusive for Zombies with an unlockable barricade system
• Added Dojo map
• Fixed everyone spawning at the same spawnpoint in SND
• Fixed SND bomb disappearing when you fall off the map with it on Monastery
• Avatars are now shown before you first spawn
• Fixed death screen sometimes showing the incorrect player avatar
• Fixed voice chat breaking when changing server between games
• Voice chat indicators on end of match and death screen
• You can now hear the other team at end of match
• Added a new Easter egg
• Added 2 new hidden characters skins
• Replaced 6th character texture
• Enabled localization

Quest Only
• Added new Tutorial environment
• Friendlist won’t show friends on recently met

PS4 Only
• Use auto rifle option is no longer shown when current controller doesn’t support any other option
• In-Game friend system and recently met list
• New Title environment
• Bots leave when 4 players are in match
• Increased dual SMG damage
• Current zombie round shown in options menu
• Fixed an issue caused by 2 people picking up SND bomb at the same time
• Fixed an issue that was causing purchased to disappear
• Dual wield offset for PS4
• On title, dual wield now gets removed when you have DS4 or Aim and gets locked on selection