Update 1.4.3

– Christmas event enabled.
– New map: Veranda.
– New main menu environment.

Weapons / Equipment:
– 11 weapon skins added to Choco.
– 11 weapon skins added to Viper.
– Refined rear grab areas.
– Fixed zoomed scope not working when switching between loadouts.

– Hardpoint and SND objectives are no longer visible until the match starts.
– Removed [BOT] indicator from killfeed.
– Fixed SND UI turning green when someone joined your party.
– Fixed incorrect avatars on being displayed in some scenarios.
– Fixed killfeed not timing out if you are looking into a zoomed scope.

– Added missing fence collider in factory.
– Fixed some objects disappearing in Desert at distance.

– Changed starting map to Retreat.
– Steam support added.
– Fixed bug where a high rank player can join a low rank match.
– Reduced distance you can prone into objects.
– Character rotates when prone according to ground angle.
– Fixed scenario where you see player standing when they are prone.
– Private match spectator can now see player outline.
– Hold to grab setting now affects both hands.
– Fixed private match bug causing map audio to break.
– Fixed issue with team balancing on private matches.
– Fixed issue that caused players to get kicked on switching servers.

Update 1.4.2

– Adjusted the color of the challenge’s complete button.
– Fixed Halloween character appearing as locked.
– Fixed voice icon not updating on the spectator card on private lobbies.
– Updated main loading screen for Halloween.

– Fixed spectator voice bubble not taking UI skin.
– Fixed an issue caused by joining a private match as the last player while someone is spectating.
– Fixed view sometimes ending up with the wrong position and rotation at end of match.
– Fixed voice chat bug causing players to get muted.
– Partial fix for Forcetube Haptics ([Quest] Bluetooth permission needs to be disabled and re-enabled to function)

Update 1.4.1

– Halloween event Added: Event Completion reward: Unlock Character and a new skin for each weapon
– Private Match spectator slot: Players can spectate a private match and roam free. Movement not supported on PlayStation® VR Move controllers.
– Added mute mic/deafen buttons to your player card in the main menu.
– PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 can play together when crossplay is disabled.

– UI re-skin: Improved UI throughout whole game, with the option to personalise color scheme.
– AI names do not start with [Bot] on scoreboards.
– Daily XP and patch notes panels consider if you are party leader when closing them.
– Increased clarity of Pit image at map voting.

Weapons / Equipment:
– Increased the recoil when not grabbing a gun by 30%. Excludes PlayStation® VR Move controllers.
– Fixed Grenade throwing distance on PlayStation® VR2.
– Fixed Sticky Grenade in 3rd person.
– Fixed weapon switching with trigger.

– Fixed a scenario on Search and Destroy where the round win was awarded to the wrong team.
– Search and Destroy match does not instantly end when enemies are dead, gives maximum time of 45s for the attackers to plant.
– Fixed click sound playing upon loading the Main Menu.
– Fixed Ability to spam sending player reports.
– Optimization to improve load times and reduce bundle size.
– Fixed framerate drops when clicking the mute/deafen button too fast, most noticeable on PlayStation® 4 and PlayStation® 5.
– Fixed players unmuting after using the mute mic function.
– Fixed pointer not updating position when choosing left handed on the tutorial.
– Fixed friendlist context menu not working on certain maps on private lobbies.
– Fixed invisible car on House Night (Quest only).
– Fixed bullets not passing through stairs on Hangar and Monastery.
– Fixed Industrial crashing on PlayStation® VR.
– Fixed players falling through the floor when revived under an object.
– Fixed rotation and position wrong on end of match and re-centering not working as expected.
– Fixed getting stuck under a table on House.
– Fixed radar killstreak continuing playing on end of match.

Update 1.4.0

– Added mute mic / mute all buttons on end of match.
– Fixed mute mic button not appearing as muted when re-loading the game after muting yourself.
– Reduced some of the UI displayed in the SND spectator camera

– Fixed missing roof collider on Highrise.
– Fixed flashing white edges appearing in certain parts of industrial

– Fixed low framerate on private matches when playing with less than two people.
– Fixed error causing a black/white screen on PlayStation 5.
– Social output / Screen perspective takes dominant eye position.
– Fixed pressing mute all followed by mute own mic would unmute everyone.

Update 1.3.9

– Ability to mute own microphone

Weapons / Equipment:
– Added customizable offsets.
– Fixed guns and magazines colliding with incorrect parts of the environment.
– Fixed bazooka outline not displaying correctly.
– Fixed hands disappearing when using full-auto rifle controls if you respawn before a dropped gun disappears.
– Bayonet deals no damage if owner is dead.
– Momentum for auto-undocked magazines (button press).
– Fixed SND bomb not colliding with the environment.
– Fixed docked magazine on rifle disappearing after toggling full-auto controls while using dual wield weapons.
– Fixed crash after changing to full-auto controls then dying.
– Fixed ability to fire dropped weapons after dying on full-auto controls.

– Minimap, Killstreak and grenade icons shown while empty handed or holding the SND bomb.
– Friendly names and chevrons visible at all times while dead.
– Fixed zombie wallshops not updating prompt until you re-enter its proximity.
– Settings tab added to private match lobby

– Reduced timelimit on Hardpoint match.
– Improved start-up sequence.
– Backrooms in Sanatorium are only activated if all levers are pulled by different people.
– Fixed full walk speed after being revived on Backrooms.
– Improved zombie explosive ragdoll textures.
– Fixed zombie projectile ball getting stuck mid-air.
– Fixed teleporting to a ladder when jumping after respawning when you die near it.
– Fixed dying from fall damage on SND taking you to the last spawn location.
– Disabled the ability to open the settings via controller button press on private match lobby.

Update 1.3.8

– Added ability to release primary hand from weapon to grab items
– Added ability to drop weapon

Weapons / Equipment:
– Fixed ability to shoot through walls with certain weapons
– Fixed Overload Perk breaking loadouts when used with Hurricane

– Fixed Leaderboard not updating statistics
– Added localisation to leaderboard header icon tooltips
– New Main Menu Leaderboard
– Added Friends List to Private Matches
– Fixed player chevrons
– Fixed red/green dots getting stuck on Minimap
– Removed minimap visibility in Hardpoint settings menu
– Added revives to appear EOM rewards screen

– Out of map bugs fixed in Town, Factory, Dojo, Monastery and Retreat
– Fixed Killstreaks getting stuck inside rocks in House
– Fixed Killstreaks getting stuck on crane in Highrise
– Fixed TDM spawns in Pit

– Fixed assist points not working on TDM and HP
– Fixed character arms not moving after respawning on SND
– Reduced game size and loading times
– SND revives give XP
– Added ability to invite friends to Private Match
– Fixed Ladder teleport bug in Dojo
– Fixed Red Dot reticle intermittently not working

Update 1.3.7

– Player Revives added to Search and Destroy
– Private match setting: Allow bots
– Private match setting: Allow revives
– Private match setting: Room size
– Private match setting: Disable AFK timer
– Private match setting: Number of players to remove bots

Weapons / Equipment:
– Moved rear iron sight forward slightly on TrauMa

– Added Assist points
– Fixed Dual weapons displaying the same stats
– Changed button layout for menus in Main menu

– Pit Added
– Added missing collider to barrel in Monastery
– Added collider to stop players glitching into wall on Town Night

– Fixed player outline not working in Search and Destroy
– Fixed bomb not resetting in Search and Destroy when player carrying leaves match
– Fixed bomb in Search and Destroy on Retreat Map being difficult to grab
– Various Bug Fixes

Update 1.3.6

– Fixed various broken UI caused by creating a password protected private match

– Reduced light variation when moving from outside to inside on monastery (PlayStation Only)

Update 1.3.5

– Private Matches
– Friendly character outline to SND spectator camera view
– Ability to crawl when you are downed in Zombies
– Blocked player list
– Ability to motion melee with weapons
– Daily XP upon login. Better rewards for consecutive days
– ProTubeVR provolvers support with dedicated submenu for customisation when device connected (Quest 2 & Pico)
– bHaptics supported devices: TactSuit X16/X40, Tactosy for Arms and Tactal. (Quest 2 & Pico)

Weapons / Equipment:
– Added Sterling Rifle
– Added TrauMa Rifle
-Added Machete
– Added silencer attachment
– 4x optic scope eye piece is bigger
– 4x optic scope brightness increased
– Fixed Sabre ejecting shell on motion control scheme when firing, instead of when pumping
– Added bolt animation on some guns when firing and reloading
– Fixed inconsistencies between first person and third person gun sizes
– Fixed laser attachment not working correctly on Zombies
– Fixed dual wield weapons firing when Cancelling the grenade with trigger button

– Fixed audio volume bug for new accounts
– Fixed voice chat cutting when changing loadouts
– Ambience sound effects fade in/out
-Fixed voice chat not working correctly after server change

– Fixed bug causing player chevrons and other markers not displaying if you had settings open when the game started in team modes
– Fixed incorrect language appearing in some parts of the game
– Added bomb diffuse and plant to SND scoreboard

– Extended Monastery
– Added snow to Monastery
– Bot and killstreak navigation improvements on Industrial and Dojo
– Added more spawn points to Desert
– Removed invisible wall in House Map below burning Helicopter
– Fixed some objects disappearing when going prone in specific areas of Factory

– Fixed dual weapons getting unselected when you load using PlayStation®️Move motion controller
– Fixed grenade arc remaining selected if you die while holding a grenade on static control scheme using PlayStation®️Move motion controller
– Fixed PlayStation®️VR aim controller not having static reload enabled after using PlayStation®️Move motion controller
– Fixed an issue that was causing purchases to not appear after deleting the local save data
– If both teams are dead in SND, round ends regardless if bomb was planted or not
– SND attack/defense stance is changed every 3 rounds
– Fixed bug preventing picking up SND Bomb if dropped in the plant area
– Fixed Zombie MVP screen not showing accurate values
– Fixed spawn bug in Desert when playing Hardpoint

Update 1.3.4

– Added Christmas Event
– Added ForceTube VR haptics

Weapons / Equipment:
– Fixed shotgun not requiring pump if you load bullets from 0
– Added Dual wield revolvers
– Added new Dual SMG Skin
– Dual wield guns can collide with each other
– Removed laser from force grab
– Adjusted size of 3rd person scopes on some guns (were too small in some)

– SND Spectator camera displays players dead and alive on each team
– Fixed inaccurate Chinese translation in tutorial
– Improved scoreboard UI in all modes
– Fixed missing UI if you join a party while you were searching for a game
– Fixed incorrect killstreak label in main menu

– Hangar Added
– Added fire particles to wall lanterns on Monastery

– Grenade price increased in zombies mode
– Fixed friends list bug causing friends to show offline
– Choose from up to 6 maps on end of match voting
– Randomized initial Free For All spawn
– Fixed bug causing loadouts to break in zombies
– SND bomb only tracks primary hand except on PSVR aim

Update 1.3.3

– Added ability to do small jump if you’re out of stamina

Weapons / Equipment:
– Added force grab, activated with Left Grip. When hovering a magazine press Left Trigger to grab it. (Quest and Pico Only)
– Outline on Magazine/recharge slider gets disabled when you grab it
– Fixed magazine going through floor/objects if it collides at high speed
– Fixed grip button occasionally grabbing the gun when not in proximity
– Increased shotgun damage
– Fixed empty chamber sound effect playing when chamber isn’t empty
– Fixed Molotov causing damage when fire isn’t visible
– Molotov takes 1.5 seconds longer to auto-break when thrown
– Molotov fire particles no longer disappear when flames fall from height

– Disabled ability to shoot friendly Turrets on team-based modes
– Fixed dog barking not linked to volume settings
– Reduced Bazooka damage for the player who fires it
– Fixed hand tracking issue on Bazooka if activated when using dual weapons
– Dogs, turret, RC car and drone now wait 3 seconds when a player spawns before targeting them
– Fixed drone appearing stuck then teleporting to explode and kill you
– Fixed RC car and drone exploding when using Phantom

– Added missing localization to the back button of weapon customization window
– Fixed combat knife in customization menu rendering behind UI
– Fixed unlock label going out of bounds in the end of match screen
– Fixed mute/unmute all button label displaying incorrectly and not localized
– Fixed mute player button on end of match screen not working if someone leaves
– Dead player skull UI made smaller
– Updated game logo
– Initial loading screen re-center prompt now differentiates between Pico 4 and Neo 3 controller icons (Pico Only)
– Party plus button removed in Main Menu (Pico Only)
– Fixed player chevrons not working correctly in Hardpoint
– Fixed zombie scoreboard not clearing cash when someone leaves match in zombies

– Players no longer spawn inside a Hardpoint objective
– Hardpoint objective no longer considers dead players
– Fixed pre-game timer not working correctly at the start of Hardpoint match
– Players respawn closer to the active Hardpoint objective
– Fixed bug caused by player dying in Hardpoint objective before it becomes active
– Spawn points on the same floor as the Hardpoint objective are prioritized
– Fixed mute buttons not working
– Fixed damaged teammate not being indicated on minimap
– Fixed draw screen appearing for some players at the start of Search and Destroy Match
– ixed bug causing players in Highrise to get stuck at end of Search and Destroy round in crossplay matches
– Fixed an issue that was preventing a barricade being removed for some players in Zombies
– Fixed inability to revive anyone on zombies if someone else dies while you’re reviving another player
– Next team-based gamemode defaults to the current mode if no votes
– Added more spawn points to all maps and improved their rotation
– Bot damage on novice matches is now the same as “Easy” difficulty in training mode
– Fixed bug causing team balancing to break
– You get thrown into the no connection screen if you fail you join or create the next room at end of match
– Fixed inconsistency in networking sync between players (Pico China Only)
– Fixed bug causing no connection scene to not load

Update 1.3.0

– Crossplatform support

– New Retreat and Dojo music
– Networked bullet impact sounds played if close to it

– Fixed vignette not being enabled again after down state in zombies
– Fixed empty button sprite in one of the messages when loading the game
– Fixed an error that sometimes caused to not display your avatar on party menu
– Fixed no vignettes on Zombies after reviving

– Fixed orange sewers background on Town
– Fixed tilted view on Dojo
– Fixed some light artifacts on Dojo

– Missing duck on Town Map added back
– Fixed an issue that was breaking loadouts when joining an ongoing game directly
– Fixed grenade arc persisting when game ends while holding a grenade
– Fixed inability to bleedout or revive yourself if a player dies while reviving you in Zombies
– Fixed an issue preventing barricades to be unlocked on Zombies Sanatorium
– Fixed ability to crouch past a blockade in Sanatorium
– Stopped Cycle through spectator cameras on SND if settings are open
– Fixed dogs (killstreak) not bleeding when shot sometimes

Update 1.2.9

– Added Sanatorium map exclusive for Zombies with an unlockable barricade system
– Added Dojo map
– Added Easter egg
– Added 2 new unlockable characters skins

Weapons / Equipment:
– Added Molotov and Sticky grenades

– Fixed voice chat breaking when changing server between games
– You can now hear the other team at end of match

– Avatars are now shown before you first spawn
– Fixed death screen sometimes showing the incorrect player avatar
– Voice chat indicators on end of match and death screen
– Enabled localization
– Current zombie round shown in options menu

– All killstreaks (except bazooka) and grenades can kill someone even when the owner is dead
– Fixed everyone spawning at the same spawnpoint in SND
– Fixed SND bomb disappearing when you fall off the map with it on Monastery
– Replaced 6th character texture
– Added new Tutorial environment
– Friendlist won’t show friends on recently met
– Use auto rifle option is no longer shown when current controller doesn’t support any other option (PlayStation Only)
– In-Game friend system and recently met list
– New Title environment
– Bots leave when 4 players are in match
– Increased dual SMG damage
– Fixed an issue caused by 2 people picking up SND bomb at the same time
– Fixed an issue that was causing purchases to disappear
– Dual wield offset for PlayStation® VR Move controllers
– Dual wield now gets removed when you don’t have PlayStation® VR Move controllers