Desert Map: Battle it Out in a War-Torn Wasteland

The Desert Map is a sprawling wasteland of destruction, dotted with remnants of war-torn structures that offer both indoor and outdoor vantage points for teams. The map is designed for a wide range of playstyles, from long-range sniping to close-quarters combat, providing an immersive and exhilarating gaming experience.

Zone 1: The Hills

The hills are the perfect spot for snipers to take out their enemies from afar. The high ground provides excellent visibility, allowing you to survey the terrain and pick off enemies from a safe distance. However, the hills are also vulnerable to counterattacks, as they are exposed and lack cover. Therefore, players should be cautious and keep an eye out for enemy snipers who may be lurking in the shadows.

Zone 2: The Alleyways

The alleyways between the buildings are ideal ambush areas for players who prefer close-quarters combat. SMGs, pistols, and shotguns are the weapons of choice in these narrow corridors, where surprise attacks can be deadly. Players should use the environment to their advantage, ducking behind corners and walls to avoid enemy fire.

Zone 3: The Rooftops

The rooftops are accessible via old wooden ladders, providing an excellent vantage point for players who want to keep a watchful eye on the battlefield. However, you should be careful while scaling these ladders, as enemies may be waiting at the top to catch you off guard. The rooftops also offer ample cover, with chimneys and air conditioning units providing excellent hiding spots for players.

Zone 4: The “Dunny”

The “dunny” on top of one of the East buildings is a little-known hiding area that can provide you with unexpected advantage. The small room is located on the rooftop, and while it may be cramped and smelly, it can be a great place to lay low and avoid detection or release your drone. Players should be aware that the smell of the dunny may attract unwanted attention from flies and other pests so maybe turn those earphones down.

Armourers Choice

The combination of a Choco sniper rifle and a close-range pistol can be a deadly choice on the expansive desert map. This is because of the varied terrain and the different tactics that can be employed in each zone.

The Choco sniper rifle is perfect for long-range engagements, especially when utilized by a skilled sniper who can take advantage of the elevated vantage points on the hills. With a powerful scope and high accuracy, the Choco rifle can take down enemies from a distance with ease. The open spaces of the desert map make it an ideal environment to pick off enemies from afar without being spotted. However, when it comes to close-range combat in the tight alleyways and buildings, a sniper rifle can become cumbersome and ineffective. This is where a close-range pistol comes in handy. With its high fire rate and fast reload time, a pistol can quickly dispatch enemies in close quarters combat. It is especially useful for ambushes or surprise attacks when an enemy may be caught off guard.

In addition, the combination of a Choco sniper rifle and a close-range pistol allows for flexibility and versatility in combat. It enables players to adapt to different situations and switch between long-range and close-range combat as needed. It also allows players to stay on the move, taking advantage of the map’s expansive size and constantly changing positions to catch enemies off guard.

Overall, the combination of a Choco sniper rifle and a close-range pistol is a deadly choice on the desert map, allowing players to dominate both long-range and close-range combat with ease.