The Industrial map is an abandoned industrial zone that has become a favourite among run and gunners due to its vastness, rusty surroundings and long-distance playstyle. The map offers a unique challenge with its multistorey buildings and bear of round water towers, affectionately known as the “boobs” in the community. This map is best suited for players who prefer a more tactical approach and have a keen eye for sniping.


The Industrial map offers a unique challenge due to its long-range playstyle. The multistorey buildings and the water towers make great sniper spots, so keep your head down and watch out for enemies lurking in the corners or hiding in the shrubbery. It’s important to have a scope-equipped weapon to pick off enemies from a distance and stay on the move to avoid getting pinned down.

Best Hiding Areas

The Industrial map has a few great hiding spots that can give you an advantage over your enemies. The surrounding buildings offer plenty of places to hide, so use them to your advantage. The water towers, or “boobs,” offer a great vantage point, but make sure to watch your back as enemies can approach from any direction.

Weapon Suggestions

The Industrial map is best played with long-range, scope-equipped weapons. The all-new Trauma can be a great option for clearing crowds in one of the many surrounding buildings. The snipers and grenadiers on this map can make life difficult, so make sure to keep a close eye on your surroundings and choose your weapon accordingly.

Unlockable Perks and Skins

Alvo offers an array of unlockable perks and skins that can give you an edge on the Industrial map. The Ninja perk can give you an advantage by making you almost invisible while moving. The Phantom perk can make you nearly undetectable by enemies, giving you an edge in sneaking up on them. Additionally, unlocking new skins can make you less visible on the map, making it harder for enemies to spot you.

Loadout Suggestions

For the Industrial map, we suggest the following loadout: Viper or Trauma paired with either Ninja or Phantom Perk, and a well-placed grenade can come in handy when clearing out surrounding buildings.

In conclusion, the Industrial map offers a unique challenge with its long-range playstyle and vast, rusty surroundings. Use the multistorey buildings and water towers to your advantage, keep your head down, and choose your weapon carefully. With the right loadout, perks, and skins, you can dominate the Industrial map and emerge as the victor.