Alvo: Guide to Monastery Map – Engaging and Thrilling Gameplay

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the desolate and deserted stone Monastery and its grounds in the mountains on top of a cliff? The Monastery map is a perfect blend of ancient architecture and modern-day combat. With its unique layout and strategic points, this map will test your skills and abilities as you engage in thrilling gameplay. Welcome to the Monastery – a map that will take you on a journey of excitement and adventure!

Zone 1: The Old Church

The Monastery map is centered around the Old Church, a magnificent stone structure with exposed wooden beams, rafters, and a candle chandelier. The Church has two main entry points and several windows, providing ample opportunities for both attackers and defenders. The strewn wooden benches and upturned lectern make for sneaky hiding spots. As you move deeper into the Church, you’ll come across a hatch that leads to a ratway running under the Church. The furniture and wine barrels provide ample cover, making it an ideal spot to hide and ambush your enemies.

Zone 2: The Grounds

Outside the Church are plenty of crates and other debris that provide ample cover for players. The grounds are expansive and allow players to move around freely. However, players must be careful as they move around the map as there are plenty of sniping spots and places for enemies to hide.

Zone 3: The Small Stairs

The ultimate place to dominate the Monastery map is out the rear of the Church, towards the small stairs. This spot gives you the eyeline for half the map, providing a quick eye on enemies sprinting blindly around corners. It’s a perfect place to pick off your enemies from a safe distance. However, beware of enemies who might have found a way to glitch out of the map.

Strategies for Monastery Map

The Monastery map is an ideal location for close-quarter combat. With its narrow corridors, tight corners, and multiple entry points, players can engage in quick and intense battles. Running the Uzi and Shotgun combo in akimbo means you can slide past your enemies, duel-wielding your weapons to take them down. This combination of weapons is especially useful in the Church and ratway as it allows you to quickly clear the area and take out any enemies lurking in the shadows.


Another great strategy is to use the all-new Trauma, which is amazing on this map. Combine it with the machete to get up close and personal with your enemies. The Trauma can be used to clear out crowded areas, while the machete is perfect for taking out enemies hiding behind corners or barrels.

The Monastery map is an exciting and challenging location that offers a unique and engaging gameplay experience. The Old Church, the Grounds, and the Small Stairs offer different strategic points that allow players to use their skills and abilities to dominate the game. Whether you prefer close-quarter combat or long-range sniping, the Monastery map has something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Enter the Monastery and show your enemies what you’re made of!