Zone 1: Introduction to Town Map

Welcome to Town, a bustling middle eastern bazaar turned deserted and abandoned after a catastrophic event. The town is a long circular map, with abandoned emergency response vehicles scattered throughout the area. As you navigate the streets, you’ll encounter a range of obstacles, from wooden crates to concrete blocks, providing you with ample cover to take on your opponents.

Zone 2: The Market Area

The market area is the central hub of the map, featuring a large covered market area leading into a military bunker. This area is perfect for close-quarters combat, so it’s best to arm yourself with a shotgun or SMG to take on your enemies. The bunker itself is exposed, with a few concrete blocks providing cover. Be sure to move quickly and use the surrounding vehicles to take cover and avoid enemy fire.

Zone 3: The Alleyways

As you leave the market area, you’ll find yourself in a long alleyway, perfect for snipers and marksmen to take out their enemies from a distance. The alleyways are strewn with wooden crates and abandoned vehicles, making it easy to hide and take cover. Make use of the narrow pathways and corners to ambush your enemies and gain the upper hand.

Zone 4: The Square

The square is a large open area dominated by a raised platform overlooking crates. Those who control the area have a significant advantage, so be sure to use the surrounding alleys and corridors to sneak up on them and take them by surprise. The area is perfect for assault rifles or LMGs, allowing you to take out multiple enemies at once.

Weapons and Loadouts

Town is a map that requires versatility in your loadouts. As you navigate the various zones, you’ll need to adapt your weapons to suit your surroundings. Shotguns and SMGs are perfect for close-quarters combat in the market area, while sniper rifles and marksmen rifles are essential in the alleyways. Assault rifles and LMGs are great for holding down the square, and a Hurricane or Sterling can provide you with crowd control when needed.

Tips and Tricks

To dominate in Town, it’s important to move quickly and stick to cover. Use the abandoned vehicles and wooden crates to your advantage, and be sure to take advantage of the narrow alleys and corridors to sneak up on your enemies. Keep an eye out for ambush spots and watch out for enemy fire. With the right loadout and strategy, you can come out on top in this intense and challenging map.

Town is a map that requires both strategy and skill to succeed. With its varied terrain and range of obstacles, it’s a map that will keep you on your toes and provide you with endless opportunities for gameplay. So, arm yourself with your favorite weapons and get ready to take on your enemies in this abandoned middle eastern bazaar. Good luck, and happy hunting!